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  • Nichole A. Sadek

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine. It's the Ten Lawsuit Commandments

Hamilton is coming to Grand Rapids in 2020. This is not new news, but I am nonetheless getting in the spirit early because, why wait for it? Its the perfect background for a conversation on start ups, so I am not throwin' away my shot. There's a million puns I haven't made yet, so just you wait. Just you wait.

Number One: The challenge.

Number Two: Your second.

Number Three: Negotiate a peace or a time and place.

Number Four: Get your doctor ready

Number Five: pick a place to die where its high and dry

Number Six: Leave a note and pray

Number Seven: Ready for the moment

Number Eight: Last chance to negotiate and set the record straight

Number Nine: Look em in the eye, summon all the courage you require

Number Ten: Fire

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