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Nichole A. Sadek
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Nichole was raised by entrepreneurs and do-it-your-selfers. Her parents run a small business in her home town, and her father is the kind of guy, when he wants something (like a windmill, elevator, or hydroponics bay), he doesn't buy it - he builds it. She also married a business owner, who is part of a family of business owners. Needless to say, Nichole has a passion for helping the unsung heroes of the world, the small business and the family unit.

It didn't take long for Nichole to realize that law firms are actually no fun to work for and viewing her days in 6 minute intervals was absolutely soul-sucking for everyone involved. As a direct result of her discontent, cynicism, and  (doubtlessly unreasonable) intolerance for things that don't work right, Sadek Law was founded with the mission of completely changing how people interact with legal services (I know - pretentious). 

Her business clients love her for her blunt, pragmatic, yet sometimes cantankerous nature. Standing over 6 feet tall in a power suit with a resting annoyed face and the disagreeableness of a cat, they are all glad she is on their side.

Her intellectual property clients, however, love her for her efficiency, strategic mind,  and complete lack of control over her jealousy for their artistic and creative successes.

On the more personal side, Nichole is still holding on to her old glory days, as a former collegiate national champion in the sport of rowing. This title is now almost a decade old, but we won't tell if you don't. Most of her time, outside of trying to fix the entire landscape of legal services, is spent with her four favorite humans - her husband, daughters, and son - and her favorite animal, Janeway, a giant Doberman

So, whether you want to know the proper technique for an indoor rowing machine, or you want to start a high heel shoe repair company (can someone please do this?), talk to Nichole.  

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