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How We Charge

Startup Package


Our start up package provides you with all of the legal documentation needed to open your business.


For LLC organization, prices depend on the number of members:

  • single member: $850.00

  • 2-3 members: $2,000.00

  • 4+ members: $3,000.00


For C-Corp or S-Corp incorporation, the package starts at $3,500.00.

We also offer a discount on corporate counsel services to our startup clients, if a corporate counsel retainer is purchased with the start up package. 

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Document Preparation or Review

$250 - $2,000

Our documents are prepared and reviewed on a flat fee basis, always. We determine at the outset what you are looking for and we will quote you a flat fee. We will prepare anything your business needs. This variety, however, makes it difficult quote a flat fee before meeting with you.

Our document review is based on the complexity of the document and whether you want us to review and  comment or review and make proposed changes. 

Legal Subscription

$85 / mo. 

We want legal advice to be available to your business without watching a clock. We offer a legal subscription that will suit your business needs, regardless of the size of your business or the complexity of your projects. The monthly cost is all you will pay, no additions, carve-outs, etc.


The plans start as low as $85.00 per month. Some of the benefits of our subscriptions are as follows:

  • Unlimited free consultations. Call or email us anytime at no cost. We will answer your questions.

  • A quarterly review of your business. We will give you a legal check up, covering liability, risk, contracts, best practices, etc.

  • Free review of document(s) every month.

  • Discounts on flat rate projects.

  • Access to legal templates.


We base our package prices off our most typical business client needs to ensure the price is a generally accurate quote for most businesses. However, because each document or project is unique, and our work is tailored toward your specific business needs, the flat fee listed above will be altered to reflect the complexity of the project. 

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