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We exists to protect the backbone of the world - small businesses and family units. 

The gap between the typical law firm (with personal advice, but hourly rates) and  the form generating websites (with no customization, but fixed fees) is a vast desert. This desert has virtually no lawyers. But, this desert is where every single small business, start up, and family wanders around, lawyer-less. They want more than a pre-filled-out-template, but can't or won't stomach an obscene hourly rate and uncertain bill. 

Sadek Law was founded to fill that gap. 

Sadek Law's main objective is to change the way that you interact with your law firm. No more hourly rates. We operate on a flat rate and legal subscription model. In the event an hourly rate is used, we give a clear estimate of projected cost. No more stuffy board rooms. We can come to you. No more stacks and stacks of paper. We make your legal experience easy and efficient.