How We Charge

  • Flat Rate

    Our flat rate is as simple as it sounds. We quote you a price for the work. This price is based on your specific need. That is your full and final total for that work. We can use flat rates for our business services or for our estate plans.

  • Retainers

    Our retainer is a fixed fee, charged periodically (usually monthly). The work to be completed under the retainer can be as broad (all work pertaining to your business) or as narrow (only work related to a specific issue) as you specify. 

    We are happy to include all kinds of legal work under this retainer, including probate administration to litigation.

    The retainer will be reviewed on a regular basis to reflect the volume of work.

  • Hourly

    Most of our work is done on a retainer or flat rate basis, however, we will use an hourly rate occasionally and upon request of the client. In the event we do, we track the time spent on the project and bill for that time at a pre-determined rate.

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